Pirates of Drinax

Session 3

The local village elder, Mahgda, and her two guards obtained the help of the refugee “sky people” in the cave; Jaime, Rob, Oynssork, and Ahna. Together they all went to the city to find replacement parts for the air purification units that kept the valley livable.

Ronkenn and Sable opted to stay with the Phoenix to keep watch and monitor comms while Kaiear went in search of the elder and her helpers. Kaiear eventually caught up to them just as they were engaged in combat with some sort of insectoid creature. They were barely managing to hold their own but with the help of Kaiear the tables turned and they vanquished the creatures. Introductions were made and Kaiear offered to join them and help them on their quest.

They eventually made their way to the city with about 4 hours of daylight remaining. Mahgda warned them that they needed to mind the time, for legends said that it was perilous to be caught in the cities at night. That is why they were visited so infrequently for supplies. After some scouting, a destination was determined and course was set for the industrial sector of the city ruins. A large building lay in ruins with nearby streets blocked. Two options were available: travel through the building to the far side and save time or traverse around the blocked pathways and eat up precious daylight hours. It was decided to try the short cut through the building. Venturing into the building revealed that they were not alone here. Some sort of human-looking creature was glimpsed in the shadows, however it was pale and hairless. It quickly skittered away into the darkness. Sounds could be heard all around, activity from movement within the structure. Kaiear spotted that they were entering a tactically precarious location and opted to pull back. His choice seemed fortuitous as they heard motion from several creatures advancing on their position and giving cautious pursuit. More glimpses of the creatures were made but they quickly ducked back into the shadows and out of the Traveller’s lights. The pursuers backed off as they neared the exit to the building and the Travellers returned to the streets. After burning up a little time in the building it was decided they they needed to pick up the pace and take the longer route.

As they traversed the streets a static message was picked up on their comms. They tuned in to clear up the signal and it appeared to be a looped message from a Doctor Adam Becker. The message stated that he was working on finding a cure for the virus and that his house was located in mid-town and was a safe haven for anyone in the area. Attempts were made to respond to the message but there was no answer.



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